Horwitz Career Apparel and Uniforms is a full service Uniform Distributor servicing the area’s best dressed Departments since 1982

We represent the leading Manufacturers in the Industry, and stock a wide variety of Uniforms and Equipment here in our West Haven Connecticut location.

       Servicing Police , Fire, Corrections EMS, Transportation,         Universities, Industrial and Hospitals.

                                  We stock Pants, Shirts, Jackets, Raincoats ,                                      Sweaters, Fleeces, Polo’s, Boots and Safety Vests

We also stock a wide selection of Accessories, Belts, Handcuffs, Holsters, Pouches, Holders, Hats, Chemical Spray

* We have our Tailors on site to service our customers*

If you want to make an appointment you can call / text or email 203.931.9700, rhorwitz@horwitzuniforms.com , 203.641.1465
Thank you… Be Well, and Be Safe
Robert & Jeanie Horwitz